The Updated VA Master Spec

As of May 2015, the Department of Veterans Affairs has adopted INSTALL certification standards into its Section 09 68 00 Carpeting, Section 09 65 19 Resilient Tile Flooring, Section 09 65 16 Resilient Sheet Flooring and Section 09 68 21 Athletic Carpeting.

The updated VA Master Specifications language for Carpeting, Resilient Tile Flooring, Resilient Sheet Flooring and Athletic Carpeting reads as follows:

A. Installer Qualifications: A company specializing in installation with minimum three (3) years’ experience and employs experienced flooring installers who have retained, and currently hold, an INSTALL Certification, or a certification from a comparable certification program.

1. Installers to be certified by INSTALL or a comparable certification program with the following minimum criteria:
a. US Department of Labor approved four (4) year apprenticeship program, 160 hours a year.

b. Career-long training.

c. Manufacturer endorsed training.

d. Fundamental journeyman skills certification.