Specifying for Healthcare Means Specifying for Health

Deadly hospital acquired infections kill thousands of patients each year. A safe, sterile healthcare environment that protects against germs and bacteria relies heavily on your healthcare design specs and the installers who execute them. Take our new continuing education unit and learn how specifying ICRA and INSTALL standards in your flooring installation specs can protect patients.

Specify to Protect Patients Now

  • University Health Center flooring installation by INSTALL

    University Health’s Truman Medical Center

    Truman Medical Center is Kansas City’s only freestanding outpatient specialty and surgery center. Image Flooring treated each floor of the four-story building’s 90,000 square feet as its own project, with offices literally opening around them as areas were completed.

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  • Menorah Medical Center Flooring installation by INSTALL

    Menorah Medical Center

    Menorah Medical Center’s Family Birthing Center project stands out for both the complex flooring installation and phased timeline that INSTALL Warranty Contractor Image Flooring executed flawlessly, in a fully functional acute care center.

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  • INSTALL Flooring Istallation at Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower

    Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower

    Moisture and substrate preparation are the leading causes of healthcare flooring failure. An INSTALL contractor was able to address moisture and mold in installing more than 400,000 square feet of new flooring.

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  • INSTALL Flooring Installation at Summa Health Systems

    Summa Health Systems

    This Ohio nonprofit was so impressed with the work of INSTALL contractors, it began requiring all future floor installations be done by INSTALL certified floorcovering professionals.

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  • INSTALL Flooring Installation at Nemours Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children

    Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

    This expansion project required more than a quarter-million square feet of new flooring. An INSTALL Warranty Contractor was able to provide the necessary moisture remediation and flooring installation.

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