Manufacturers Can Trust INSTALL Professionals with Their Products

Let’s talk about the “ALL” in “INSTALL.” We work hard for all in the floorcovering industry. INSTALL connects flooring manufacturers, installers, contractors, specifiers and owners with one common purpose: To ensure the very best flooring installations on every project.

Have Confidence in Your Product’s Installation

Flooring Manufacturers at INSTALL HeadquartersAs a flooring manufacturer, you work hard to produce the very best flooring products on the market. Nothing is more frustrating than watching those products being improperly installed and poorly utilized in the field.

Bad installations make everyone look bad. It’s your name on that flooring system and you want to know that it’s living up to its full potential. That’s where INSTALL comes in.

With our unmatched training program for installers, we make sure that flooring systems are installed correctly every time. Installers train using your product and its exact specifications during classroom and hands-on learning at our training centers.

When INSTALL professionals do the job, owners and architects are satisfied and your product’s reputation is secure.

Manufacturers Are at the Heart of INSTALL

Manufacturers are a key part of our efforts at INSTALL.

Our partnership with floorcovering manufacturers is vital to the success of our training program. These relationships keep us current with new technological innovations and ensure that INSTALL professionals will have the expertise to work with any flooring system.

Our Alliance Partners designate technical and/or educational representatives to work with our instructors to revise and refine our training curriculum. This ensures that INSTALL professionals are trained ready to face any installation challenge in the field.