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Your VA design specs and the caliber of installers who execute them mean the difference between a safe, sterile environment and one that exposes patients to germs, bacteria and deadly hospital acquired infections – which kill thousands of people every year. Take our new continuing education unit and learn how specifying ICRA and INSTALL standards in your flooring installation specs can protect patients.

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Most designers don’t know that with the VA Master Spec, every VA carpet, resilient tile, resilient sheet and athletic carpeting job specified must meet INSTALL certification standards. It’s good news for VA designers because when you require a general contractor to select an INSTALL-certified flooring installer into your specification, no matter who the lowest bidder is, they’re guaranteed to be qualified — which means the job will be done right.

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Earn Credits with the latest CEU from INSTALLThere is no other place where extra training may be more important than projects in health care facilities. Improper installation can create hiding places for germs and bacteria, compromising safety and sterility. Fixing these issues can cost significant time and money, and construction work in occupied facilities can expose patients to dangerous pathogens.

With a new CEU from INSTALL, learn how your specs can protect patients by providing safe environments in new or occupied healthcare facilities.

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The Benefits of Specifying INSTALL

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By specifying that all installation be completed by INSTALL Warranty Contractors and INSTALL certified floorcovering professionals, you ensure that the flooring on your project will perform to its full potential and live up to the expectations of the owner. Requiring INSTALL standards means that the contractor is reliable with a proven track record and the installers on your project will be highly trained and carefully tested to perform the work you need.

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INSTALL is Written into the Master Spec for VA Projects

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Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital

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