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Without proper installation, no building product will perform the way an architect or designer intends. That’s as true for floorcovering as it is for any other material in the design palette. But in healthcare environments, faulty flooring installation can have especially disastrous—and dangerous—effects. When you specify INSTALL certification standards for healthcare flooring installations, you’re ensuring your design is executed accurately, beautifully and with health and safety in mind.

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Real Risks, Real Consequences

There is no other sector of the built environment in which improper product installation is more detrimental than healthcare facilities. With flooring, low-quality craftsmanship doesn’t just create bad aesthetics. It leads to errors that compromise the sterility of the healthcare space, threaten the health and safety of occupants and require significant costs to rectify.

Inadequate moisture mitigation is a threat to flooring installations and can cause safety hazards. Blown out seams and corners create reservoirs for pathogens that cause deadly healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). Consider:

Healthcare Certifications & COVID-19 Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an enormous toll on North America, and as we still grapple with its impact, the architecture and design community is rising to meet new demands of healthcare facilities.

During this time, the proper training to protect patients and staff in occupied healthcare environments during construction has become even more critical. Certified installers can save countless lives and help mitigate billions of dollars in added costs to our healthcare system.

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Higher Stakes Require Tighter Specs

Tarkett Launches New Color Splash Speckled Rubber TileBecause INSTALL operates the floorcovering industry’s most comprehensive and endorsed training program, our installation teams are continuously trained in up-to-date Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) standards and Covid-19 protocols that keep occupants safe during  installation and long after its completion.

A growing number of specifiers are adding INSTALL standards to their specs to guarantee the contractors and installers on their projects are reliable, trained to the industry’s best installation standards and have a proven track record.

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hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection on any given day

healthcare-acquired infections occur across America’s hospitals every year

deaths result from these hospital-acquired infections annually


From Inspiration to Specification to Installation: The INSTALL Advantage

In healthcare design, installers are the most important floorcovering decision-makers. They have to asses the environment, conditions and materials and make critical decisions that ensure optimal product performance. What separates INSTALL certified professionals from other installers is that INSTALL teams have proven their mastery of installation skill sets—and their ability to accurately see a design intent through to completion.

Reliable Training

INSTALL offers the floorcovering industry’s most advanced and comprehensive training program . When you specify INSTALL for flooring, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your flooring job will be installed by prepared professionals.

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INSTALL Certifications to meet specifications


Take the gamble out of installations with installers who are certified and up to date in industry specified installation certifications in carpet, resilient, substrate prep, wood flooring, ICRA, Covid 19 Jobsite Preparedness, OSHA and more.

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INSTALL Endorsements for Specifiers


INSTALL’s longstanding industry reputation has earned us specifications and endorsements from every major flooring manufacturer. These credentials reflect the caliber of our floorcovering professionals and validate INSTALL as the industry’s choice.

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INSTALL Warranty on Labor for Specifiers

Warranty Program

We’re so confident in INSTALL Warranty Contractors that we stand behind them with the INSTALL Warranty, the industry’s only extended third-party warranty on installation.  It’s above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty — and it’s free.

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