INSTALL Floorcovering Experience

Each flooring installation project comes with its own unique challenges – and solutions. We know the specifications and distinct requirements for your market. And we know how to get it right the first time. Explore our projects and market specialization across the Education, Healthcare, Veterans Affairs, and Corporate markets that can only come from INSTALL.

Corporate Project Experience

INSTALL Floorcovering Experience Corporate Installation ProjectsWe understand that quality and consistency are vital on corporate projects. You want the job done right, with no need for costly repairs or re-installations. INSTALL is a perfect partner for corporate projects. Our highly trained flooring professionals have the expertise and experience to deliver the performance and look you need. Take a look at some examples of the INSTALL advantage for corporate projects.

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Education Project Experience

INSTALL Floorcovering Experience Education Installation ProjectsFlooring is a fundamental element of effective education design. Colors and patterns are used to enhance the learning environment in classrooms and to facilitate wayfinding in corridors. Installing such patterns requires the highest level of skill and experience to ensure that they stand up to the high traffic and abuse they will receive. Because school schedules are tight, there is very little room for repair or replacement. You need a contractor that will do the job right the first time.

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Healthcare Project Experience

INSTALL Floorcovering Experience Healthcare Installation ProjectsHealthcare facilities present many challenges to flooring designers and installers alike. In a healthcare facility, precision is key. Prevention of hospital-acquired infections is essential, and unnecessary downtime due to faulty installations is unacceptable. This is why INSTALL is the perfect fit for healthcare. Highly trained and certified INSTALL contractors ensure a safe and clean installation and can work with you to ensure little to no downtime.

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Veterans Affairs Project Experience

INSTALL Floorcovering Experience Veterans Affairs Installation ProjectsWith more than 300 Master Construction Specifications for new projects, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) strives for the highest standards. INSTALL contractors can show proof of training and certification, and in some cases offer the INSTALL Warranty on Labor. Since May 2015, the VA has adopted INSTALL certification standards or equal into its Section 09 68 00 Carpeting, Section 09 65 19 Resilient Tile Flooring and Section 09 68 21 Athletic Carpeting.

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