INSTALL Showcases How to Protect Floorcovering Decision-Makers from Faulty Installations at IIDEXCanada 2016

The quality of a floorcovering installation can make or break a project. The level of training and certification an installer possesses determines whether or not an expensive and disruptive flooring failure is likely to occur.

At IIDEXCanada 2016 on Wednesday, November 30, 4-5pm, INSTALL will showcase the value of quality, certified installations and how it protects stakeholders against flooring failure. Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, the executive director of INSTALL, John T. McGrath Jr., will discuss how the INSTALL program ensures that flooring is installed right the first time in his seminar presentation – Accredited Floor Covering Training Standards: How to Protect Floorcovering Decision-Makers from Faulty Installations.

McGrath urges floorcovering decision makers to educate themselves on the implications of an improperly installed project. The seminar compares INSTALL credentials to industry norms as well as how INSTALL training and certification protects against timely and costly flooring failures.

“The quality of a flooring design is only as good as the quality of the installation,” said John McGrath Jr., INSTALL executive director. “The longevity and integrity of the floorcovering design can only be held up if installed properly, by people who have the right training and certification.”

Cristina Selva, the executive director of the College of Carpenters and Allied Trades, and a seasoned construction professional, will co-present with McGrath. She will host a separate seminar in the South Building on November 30, from 1-2:15pm, – Recruiting and Retaining Women in the Construction Trades: Social Responsibility or Competitive Advantage?

Selva will discuss Canada’s labor shortage and how the construction industry can benefit and contribute to solving the labor crisis by bringing women into the fold. In addition to speaking on the challenges women face in a “man’s world,” she brings strategies to the table to address how to bring women into the labor force.

As Canada’s largest national design/architecture exposition and conference, IIDEXCanada 2016 brings together industry experts who design for workplace, healthcare, hospitality, retail and educational facilities. As a hub for “multidisciplinary interior design and architecture communities,” the event embraces creativity, best practices and developing meaningful connections.