2018 INSTALL Milestones: Flooring Trade Update

In 2018, INSTALL further cemented its status as an industry pioneer and key driver behind solving the floorcovering industry’s most pressing problems. From addressing the lack of skilled labor and increasing professionalism in the labor force to creating awareness around the need for formal training, INSTALL continues to elevate floorcovering industry standards. INSTALL’s 2018 milestones are a testament to the organization’s commitment to continuous improvement:

1 | Market Growth and Expansion

Helping Contractors Expand into Untapped Markets

In 2018 and beyond, INSTALL is looking for contractor partners to open new offices in four target geographic areas of building construction growth – the Pacific Northwest, Southeast, Southwest and Texas. The INSTALL Expansion Partnership Program, announced in Summer 2018, is a proven method of collaboration with flooring contractors to grow their business in these new territories. INSTALL can help contractors expand business to growing construction markets by recruiting a local labor force, providing training and certification, and helping to gain market share through its network of INSTALL Partners.

A Model for Success: Contractor Case Study

INSTALL supported Mr. David’s Flooring International, LLC during its expansion into the southeast region. With multiple locations across the United States, the nationally recognized commercial flooring installer identified Florida as a key region for business expansion. INSTALL and Mr. David’s have now continued their expansion partnership through the opening of three new offices, a process that has been met with an overwhelmingly positive reception and continues to meet business expectations. The third office opened in Spring of 2018. Watch this video to learn more about how INSTALL is helping contractors grow their business and enter new markets throughout the United States.

2 | Training and Certification Development

The INSTALL training program features an ever-improving curriculum designed to teach foundational basics and keep flooring installers up to date with cutting-edge trends, technologies and techniques. In 2018, INSTALL has further established the following programs:

Concrete Polishing Training, Curriculum and Certification

As concrete polishing continues to become more prominent in commercial settings, there has never been a greater need for standardized training. INSTALL has answered this call by laying the groundwork to have its curriculum officially recognized and endorsed by the Concrete Polishing Council (CPC). In addition to formal curriculum development, monthly pilot training programs were established in the summer of 2018.

Educational Program Development: Raising the Bar Together for Excellence in Installation

Leading flooring manufacturer Tarkett joined forces with INSTALL professionals to develop and host a robust education program specifically designed for healthcare and education environments. Architects, designers, flooring specifiers and general contractors attended several symposiums in Spring 2018. Learning goals included how to identify common challenges associated with flooring installations, understanding what questions to ask during each stage of the project and creating familiarity with the INSTALL Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) program. The workshop emphasized the advantages of working with quality flooring materials and how formally trained and certified installation teams help create positive outcomes for customers and end-users.

Texas Carpenters & Millwrights Open New Training Center, Serving Nearly 500 Regional Apprentices in One of America’s Fastest Growing Markets

Due to significant growth in the Houston metropolitan region, the training center moved to a brand new 52,000 square-foot facility in the nearby suburb of Pasadena in April of 2018. With six full-time instructors, eight classrooms and significantly more space for hands-on learning opportunities, the center is home to 485 apprentices.

3 | Industry Collaboration

Leading Substrate Manufacturers Endorse INSTALL Curriculum

Manufacturers are a key part of collaboration within INSTALL. Partnering with manufacturers ensures INSTALL curriculum keeps up with new technological innovations. Because of INSTALL’s trusted training program, several substrate and underlayment manufacturers wrote INSTALL into master specifications throughout 2018. The 2018 specifying manufacturers are – AC•Tech, Custom Building Products, HP Schonox, Mapei, Sika, Uzin Utz and TEC.

Triennial INSTALL Conference Brings Together Labor and Management to Meet Today’s Industry Demands and Prepare for the Future

INSTALL, in conjunction with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, hosted the Interior /Exterior Systems INSTALL Leadership Conference in June 2018. Attendees spent three immersive days exploring education, training and certification. The conference also focused on how labor, management and manufacturers can work together to eliminate industry issues and included innovative and engaging keynotes and events.

In a first-time event, champions from each of the Five Districts of the Carpenters Union in the United States and Canada competed in a timed skills installation called the INSTALL Olympics. The judging criteria stressed speed and compliance to manufacturer’s specifications and at the end Ryan Altic of INSTALL Florida, Mr. David’s Flooring International, was crowned the international champion.

Reflecting on the Past, Preparing for the Future

While INSTALL has made great strides and has positively impacted the industry in 2018, there is still much work to be done. Looking ahead to 2019, INSTALL will continue to build on its commitment to delivering the industry’s best, most reliable installation teams.